Monday, December 22, 2008

OpenSolaris with Blender 3D, Fetchmail, Sendmail, Procmail , Dovecot, and the Gimp

Today I got the OpenSolaris install a few steps closer to the replaced Linux install. I compiled Blender 3D, the Gimp, Procmail, and Dovecot--a few issues with Blender compiling, but then a Wiki explained how to build on OpenSolaris.

OpenSolaris already has fetchmail and sendmail packages in the main repo, so it was a matter of configuring sendmail to use the procmail mailer. The hardest part was figuring out how to make procmail use Maildir format. The answer was simple:

in /etc/procmailrc add this line:


The trick was the "trailing" slash to tell procmail to use maildir format. The man page for procmailrc clearly states so. I'm sometimes to quick to google something before RTFM, and what is really a simple solution becomes overly complex by endless online searches.


MiWi said...

Hello, could you help me compile blender on opensolaris? I created a post about it on I can`t find a solution for that openEXR problem... =/

Michael Martin said...

Sorry, MiWi. I didn't really keep any good notes on that, and I'm not running OpenSolaris at the moment.

I'd suggest reading this wiki if you haven't already. I think that was all I used, but don't recall, and things may have changed since.

Good luck.