Friday, February 27, 2009

Pixie Hollow Flash Problems With Linux Return

It seems the folks at Disney's Pixie Hollow site now force everyone to use the Flash 10 player to hit the site. Since the combination of Flash 10 and Linux fail on this site ( see my earlier post here, my kids are out of luck until this is resolved.

This is the only site I have ever seen that fails to be cross-platform/Flash compliant. If I were real ambitious, I'd investigate it further. But for now, telling my kids to play on another site works just fine.

OpenSolaris Wireless Disappoints

In yet another attempt to play with the latest OpenSolaris builds, I was sorely disappointed when I went to get the wireless card working.

A desktop had been giving me hard freezes with the latest Debian install, so I threw on OpenSolaris to see if that would help. Only after a complete install did I come to find out the Linksys WMP54G ( RT2561/RT61Chipset ) is not supported under OpenSolaris. This is a few common card I've picked up at my local Best Buy.

In one last attempt to fix the freezing system, I threw on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a little nicer about discovering and automatically installing proprietary drivers, so it put on the Nvidia drivers. I noticed it was using a different version of the drivers.

A re-install of Debian Lenny with the legacy 173.14.xx Nvidia drivers and I have yet to have a freeze.

Linux wins again.