Friday, February 27, 2009

Pixie Hollow Flash Problems With Linux Return

It seems the folks at Disney's Pixie Hollow site now force everyone to use the Flash 10 player to hit the site. Since the combination of Flash 10 and Linux fail on this site ( see my earlier post here, my kids are out of luck until this is resolved.

This is the only site I have ever seen that fails to be cross-platform/Flash compliant. If I were real ambitious, I'd investigate it further. But for now, telling my kids to play on another site works just fine.


MacNean said...

I had this issue, check out:

Set that and never can store data, this will delete the old data, then log in. This shoudl fix the issue (it did for me). Then I went back and allowed them to store 100kb again. This fixes the issue for me (well really my wife, yeah!!)

Michael Martin said...

Thanks for the tip, MacNean. Pixie Hollow actually started working again a few weeks ago.

MacNean said...

Want to correct a bit, in case someone else stumbles here, if I let store information, it happens again. As long as I don't let it store info, which also deletes whatever it stored previously, it works.

This is on 64bit ubuntu 9.04 anyways. Not sure if 32 bit just works now. But just incase.

Infact, just checked a fresh 32 bit install, works fine. No idea why in 64bit it seems not to work unless can't store info.