Friday, February 27, 2009

OpenSolaris Wireless Disappoints

In yet another attempt to play with the latest OpenSolaris builds, I was sorely disappointed when I went to get the wireless card working.

A desktop had been giving me hard freezes with the latest Debian install, so I threw on OpenSolaris to see if that would help. Only after a complete install did I come to find out the Linksys WMP54G ( RT2561/RT61Chipset ) is not supported under OpenSolaris. This is a few common card I've picked up at my local Best Buy.

In one last attempt to fix the freezing system, I threw on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a little nicer about discovering and automatically installing proprietary drivers, so it put on the Nvidia drivers. I noticed it was using a different version of the drivers.

A re-install of Debian Lenny with the legacy 173.14.xx Nvidia drivers and I have yet to have a freeze.

Linux wins again.

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